The Beez Foundation was named after Jennifer “Beez” Beisswanger after she lost her fight with brain cancer. During her ordeal, we learned that brain cancer is the 2nd most prevalent cancer in kids. However, because more children can survive leukemia (the number 1 cancer), brain cancer is the number 1 cancer killer in kids.

During Jennifer's fight, she exhausted all possible treatments that were available at the time.  After her death and after approaching Dr. Ira Dunkel to learn what the Beez Foundation could do to help prevent other parents from losing their child to brain cancer, we were encouraged to fund brain cancer research.

The Beez Foundation accepted that challenge. 

Throughout the year, it hosts fundraisers that are family oriented, fun events, staying true to Jennifer’s philosophy of "family first".  Every year, The Beez Foundation awards grants during the month of February to honor Jennifer’s birth month. It was decided that the funding would be for initial phase research to encourage more researchers to seek the cure for brain cancer. The Medical Advisory Board of the Foundation evaluates all research proposals and makes their recommendation to the Executive Board.

To date, two research projects have been successful enough to be permitted to go to clinical trials.