The Beez Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization which raises money and public awareness to cure brain cancer thru research, public awareness and related support activities for pediatric cancer treatment. The Beez Foundation has to-date donated $250,000.00 to various organizations like Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Duke University, Ronald McDonald House and many other research and patient-service facilities.

Year End Request

Dear Beez Friends:


Joe and I created the Beez Foundation to honor the memory of our daughter, Jennifer Beisswanger ("bees-wang-er"), who died at the age of 22 of complications from brain cancer.  We asked her doctors what we could do to help the cause and they said “…researchers need seed money to get their ideas off the ground…” This sounded like a niche we could fill and the foundation was created. Our primary goal of the Foundation is to annually identify and target key areas in the field of children's brain cancer research and patient services that are presently underfunded.


All Foundation work is done by volunteers, with our goal being that 100% of the funds collected will be used to support research and other foundation activities. We've donated an average of approximately 82% to date.


Keeping with Jennifer's philosophies, most of our projects are family-oriented, fun events within the local communities. The Foundation's projects are designed to have a strong community bond with local businesses and organizations cooperating in the various events.  Upcoming events include our annual Gala on February 11 and an art show showcasing teenage artists and their interpretation of a pediatric brain cancer theme.


I'm writing to you because I know that you have many choices when it comes to spending your dollars. We cannot do what we do without support from you. Your donation will allow us to grant needed research money to projects that may find the cure. So far, two of the projects that we granted have reached the clinical trial phases! We can do more with contributions from people like you – we can help to end pediatric brain cancer in our lifetime! You can click here to donate.


So, let’s end the fight against brain cancer – let’s make 2017 the year of the Beez!!!!!


Thank you,


Susan and Joe Giardina

Request For Proposals Wanted

To All Who Submitted a Grant Proposal To The Beez Foundation:


A year ago I sent you a Request For Proposal for our Grant year. The Beez Foundation was looking for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research Projects, Education and Patient Services Grants.  We received some very interesting projects. However, no grants were awarded. We are a small foundation, run primarily by close-knit friends and family. We had a close relative, and founding board member diagnosed with Stage 2 brain tumor. It was during this time that the Gala in which we make our grants should have taken place. Unfortunately, we were too consumed with our personal situation and I apologize for not following through with all of you and letting you know our situation.


We are once again back on track and looking to make our grant awards on February 11, 2017. Attached to this email you will find our RFP. I am hoping that you will not hold last year against the Foundation. We would like to ask you to consider submitting a proposal. If you did submit one last year, and you would like us to consider it for this year, please let me know. I would appreciate a new submission with any new information. It can be the original submission with a one page update attached.


Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.



Most sincerely,


Susan Giardina, Co-Founder

Mother of "Beez"

Beez RFP Guidelines
Read this first to see the correct guidelines for submitting your Request For Proposal.
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Beez RFP
Use this form to submit your RFP.
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Wanted! The World's Largest Egg Crate.

If you've been to any of our annual Rubber Duck Races, you know that the ducks are dropped from our Big Egg.  Well, the Big Egg has lost its home and is looking for a new one. If you or someone you know have warehouse space to store it (dock preferable but not necessary) for most of the year - we only take it out in September, please send an email to Susan Giardina at


It's on wheels and its approximate dimensions are 8 ft. wide x 12 ft. long x 10 ft. high. We can provide a tax donation letter for the value of storage.

Another example of how your donations help...

Children's Brain Tumor Project at Weill Cornell Pediatric Brain and Spine Center

The Beez Foundation has made 2 grants to this project, which is now showing great promise and has gone to clinical trials.  Read all about it here.


Thanks to all of our great donors, we plan to keep funding projects like this. To date, we have awarded over $280,000.00 in grants and that's just the beginning!


You can help by clicking Donate and donating to the cause to cure brain cancer in kids.

Just recently we had the pleasure of visiting Mount Salem Vineyards, one of New Jersey's most notable winemakers, for one of their truly special Private Tastings. Mount Salem's founder, Peter Leitner, had graciously donated the group tasting as an auction item for our annual Awards Presentation Gala, and Walt Turchi (one of our staunchest supporters), who entered the winning bid, was kind enough to invite a few of the Beez "family" as his guests.

Peter is also the vineyard's winemaker and, besides giving us the opportunity to enjoy his world class wines—and his great cooking, he educated us in the fine art of wine appreciation and food pairings. This was one of the most enjoyable, leisurely afternoons we've had in a long time. Peter and his staff welcome you into their home as warmly as they would long-time friends.

You can just drop by Mount Salem for one of its impromptu wine samplings on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 12 noon to 6 pm. When you do, you'll not only be enjoying their genuinely fine vintages, you'll get the chance to learn more about wine, and the really fine wines of New Jersey, than you ever thought you'd know. You can also arrange a Private Tasting, like the one we had, by appointment.

We can't thank Peter enough for his generous donation and his interest in the Beez Foundation, and we'd urge you to visit his lovely vineyard and discover his award-winning family of wines.

Mount Salem Vineyards is located in scenic Pittstown, NJ and you can give them a call at 908-735-9359 or visit their website at to discover more about them.

Official Music Video from the 2013 Rubber Duck Race

Featuring New Brunswick's own Buzzard Wagon. Click here to see the entire lineup of bands for this year's Raritan River Festival, featuring The Beez Foundation's Rubber Duck Race.

2012 Rubber Duck Race Photos!

Click here to see the photos.  Thanks to Nick at Quality of Light Photography for taking the pictures.

Click here for info about The Raritan River Festival

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