When I was still a teenager, and away at college, I experienced a grand mal seizure. Following a trip to the hospital, my doctors discovered a cancerous tumor the size of a lemon in my brain. Over the course of the next three years, I underwent three brain surgeries and six weeks of radiation to fight the cancer. Each time, the tumor would return and would be more aggressive. Having exhausted all other medical treatments available, I underwent a stem-cell transplant. Shortly after the transplant, however, I developed a serious infection and lost my battle.

Free of my physical body, I now live on in the hearts and minds of my friends and family. I was fortunate, for my life was filled with love and was blessed by those around me.

Over the course of my treatments, I witnessed the suffering of many children who were also battling cancer. In life, it was my hope that children would not have to suffer. Now, in my death, my wish is that this dream may be fulfilled through efforts of the Beez Foundation. It was established by my family and friends with one goal: to eliminate this terrible disease, which strikes innocent children, boys and girls, rich and poor, of all religions and ethnic backgrounds.

JenDolphinAlthough I am physically gone, I hope that my life and experience will serve to heighten awareness of this terrible disease, even among people I never had the pleasure of meeting, and who’ve never heard my name before. Even more fervently, I pray that my legacy to future generations of precious children will be to encourage support of vital research. One day, we can and will wipe out cancer. No one—especially the children—should have to suffer from it ever again. With your love and financial support, you can help make this dream come true.